About Me

Hi, I’m Kay Awonaike, and I am a Digital Media Production and Public Relations student at Drake University. I love anything in the arts and strive to make the entertainment community a more inclusive environment. Creating content is my passion; whether it’s photography or video production, I strive to make pieces that connect with my intended audience.

My Passions

Video communication is my specialty, as I have a YouTube channel where I make essays on anime and pop culture. I started out creating vlogs and lifestyle content to keep all my precious memories in a positive space to look back on.

However, recently I have been experimenting with commentary topics and found a deeper meaning in talking about these topics. I’ve learned how to edit audio, research thoroughly, and present my ideas clearly and concisely. This has prepared me for what I’ll hopefully be doing in my career.

Working in digital marketing and the entertainment industry is my end goal in my career. Watching other content creators gives me the motivation and inspiration to tackle subjects with care in academia and in my personal life.

My On-Campus Involvements

I’m a dancer and choreographer for the Blue Crew Dance Club in my spare time. I specialize in a hybrid style of contemporary and jazz; my concepts are usually abstract to enhance the stories I present to the stage.

We perform routines at our end-of-semester showcase to demonstrate the dancers’ talents. The styles range from Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, and many more.

We had a large group dance performance of eight people. In previous years group numbers have been limited to four to five people, which speaks volumes about how the club has grown.

I also work at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication social media department, specifically for Tik Tok. I’ve made days in the life of students, student and alumni profiles, and comedic skits on the journalism school’s stereotypes.

We work to make our social media be a great representation of Drake University which is essential in establishing a unique brand.

I’m also the Mentor Chair for the Honors Executive Council, where I help incoming, and current Drake students navigate their way through the Honors Program. I help organize their schedule, provide advice, and be their support system through any struggles they go through.

We host an event one Sunday every month called “Sunday Morning Bagels,” where honors students gather and catch up while eating bagels. The event is chill and fun and allows students to connect with the Honors programs’ faculty.