Semesters Without Breaks: Drake University & Student’s Mental Health

Drake University students feel the pressures of school work this semester that carries on through the weekends.

Keziah Musoba

Keziah Musoba, freshmen advertising and chemistry major, said even though she gets more sleep, she still feels the pressures of school.

“Normally, I use the weekends to catch up on schoolwork,” Musoba said. “I get more sleep, but I don’t always feel mentally rested.”

Weekends usually are a time for students to catch up with friends, but for Keziah, it means only spending time with people on her floor.

“My weekends are different because I don’t go out with friends as much,” Musoba said. “I tend to only hang out with one or two friends at once, but normally I would get a bigger group together every weekend.”

Ella Stafford

Ella Stafford, sophomore religion major, said weekends are her time to reflect on the past week.

“Even with the crazy amounts of schoolwork, I find that giving myself time to collect myself and ground myself to be super important,” Stafford said. “It also helps me to think about what I did the past week and how to make the next week better.”

Stafford’s self-reflection weekends are vital for all students as academics can be mentally draining, especially since there was no spring break.

Trinity Harris

Trinity Harris, freshman Law, Politics, Society, and International Relations major, said how school takes over her weekends entirely.

“I like to get ahead on my assignments during the weekend,” Harris said. “I also have a work-study job on the weekend, so I don’t usually get a break unless it’s Saturday.”

Harris especially feels exhausted this semester, but the weekends have allowed her to stay more in tune with herself.

“Personally, I was always a little bit introverted, so I like spending time indoors,” Harris said.

Over the past several weeks, students have needed a break in their academic schedules and often wondered how their productivity would increase with a week off.

“I wish we had spring break so I can sleep without worrying about an assignment due the next day,” Harris said.

The overwhelming amount of schoolwork Drake students have been receiving, combined with little rest on the weekends, makes students not enjoy their time off as much as they should be.

Maggie Wildermuth

Maggie Wildermuth, senior psychology major, said the pandemic completely changed her study habits and how she does homework.

“There are lots of distractions with dogs or my mom running a class,” Wildermuth said. Wildermuth’s workload has skyrocketed since her senior year started, and the virtual format is not conducive to learning.

“In my psychology classes, my assignments are to read 5-6 modules a week; however, this past semester, I’ve only managed to read two modules.”

School pressures are boiling down on students as not having spring break is making them work overtime. Being in an online classroom can be exhausting and zoom fatigue has been a significant factor into student decline in motivation.

“It seems that this semester professors are not being as accommodating since we have done remote classes for almost a year,” Wildermuth said.

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